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Welcome to Ben and Richard Fet College

We continue to build a strong reputation as a local business college in fulfilling critical workforce needs while contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of the South Africa. At Ben and Richard Fet College we understand that choosing a place to study is a major decision and it involves more than just finding the right course. You need the right skills to help you in the future.

Our courses offer you the opportunity to gain knowledge about your subject and practical experience to prepare you for your next step, whether you plan to go on to further studies or into the world of work.

If you choose to study with us, you will be pleased to know that you are studying at a successful college. It is all about preparing you for the future that you want and we will support you throughout your time with us. We want you to enjoy your time at college and make the most of your studies to attain a great knowledge, skills and attitude.

Today's job market values ambitious, innovative and perceptive team players. Ben and Richard Fet College foster these qualities through a forward thinking culture, where you're close to the latest ideas and global trends.

Whatever your career goals may be, studying in Ben and Richard Fet College will give you valuable skills and a competitive advantage for your future.

As you go through the courses with the aid of website page, you will explore the exciting world of business. We will introduce you to the various activities in which business people engage, accounting,finance,information technology, management, marketing and operations. 

We will help you understand the roles that these activities play in an organisation and we will show you how they work together.

We hope that by exposing you to the things that business people do, we will help you decide whether business is right for you and if so, that areas of business you would  like to study further.

I welcome yo to Ben and Richard Fet College where you will experience the great business spirit that engage students and transforms lives.

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Glenda Mokoale picture

Glenda Mokoale

Quality Assurance Manager

My Contact email: [email protected]

Nakedi Moela picture

Nakedi Moela

Finance Manager

My contact Details, Email. [email protected]

Alice Molatudi picture

Alice Molatudi

Head of Department: Finance

Portious Phasha picture

Portious Phasha

Project Manager

Dolly Molatudi picture

Dolly Molatudi

Head of Department: Corporate Services

Betty Marote picture

Betty Marote

Fundraising Co ordinator

Daphney Lesufi picture

Daphney Lesufi

Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Eldah Mashile picture

Eldah Mashile

Project Administrator

Seroka Chills picture

Seroka Chills

Student Support Manager

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