Ben and Richard Fet College is offering the business owners and individuals with a two days business education workshops. The workshop will lay the ground work for helping new and established entrepreneurs launch a business idea and small businesses are the economic backbone of our society and we need more people starting successful business.

Government can't help businesses alone, we need organisation's like Ben and Richard Fet College joining forces with Government Institutions to help South African's achieve their dreams of business ownership.

Participants will learn the basics of business start-up, the essentials of becoming credit ready and how and where to find additional small business support and education resources in their local community. Ben and Richard Fet College is committed to making our community strong economically. We are hosting an Entrepreneurs workshop because we are committed to proactively educating and empowering Limpopo Province People about how to turn their ideas into reality.

  • Short Learning Programme - A Short Learning Programme described all short programmes, whether credits are a warded or not and is inclusive of skills programmes, credit-bearing short courses and non-bearing short courses.
  • Skills Programme - A Skills Programme is occupationally based and when completed will consitute credits towards a qualification registered in terms of the National Qualifications Framework. A skills programme is an occupation -based learning programme aimed at building skills that have economic value, and which incorporates at least one unit standard. It is registered by a SETA and delivered by an accredited training provider and it leads to a qualification registered on the NQF.
  • Short Course - Is a type of short learning programme through with a earner may or may not be awarded credits, depending on the purpose of the programme.

Learners will choose any of the Ben and Richard Fet College Short Courses in the following: 

  1. Administration Skills
  2. Career Development Skills
  3. Co operative Skills
  4. Finance Skills
  5. Human Resource Skills
  6. Sales and Marketing Skills
  7. Supervisors and Managers Skills
  8. Workplace Essentials Skills
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